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Tatsuya at 'Welcome Home Hayabusa' exhibition opening says "Children! Do your best!"

On the 22nd, an exhibition showcasing a number of props and interesting items held its opening ceremony. Tatsuya cut the ribbon to the event.

Tatsuya, who plays the role of the assitant engineer of JAXA in the upcoming movie; "I hope families will watch and enjoy this movie. It shows that having dreams can make you interested in many things, and I hope that children watching will see that persistance is important. In their own way JAXA showed the world the power of Japanese technology, I hope it energises people", Tatsuya said with a bright expression.

The film's Director, Katsuhide Motoki said, "JAXA's directors are really humble and modest about it, but I think there is pride and honor in what they did. From such a small crew and little funding they created the future of Japan's technology, this is the message I wanted to project."

Welcome Home Hayabusa is showing throughout the country in 3D and 2D.


Translated (badly) by Pan. Source article: CinemaToday.jp. Video from SankeiNews Youtube Channel.
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Fujiwara Tatsuya makes surprise appearance at a junior high school

On February 28th, actor Fujiwara Tatsuya made a surprise appearance at a junior high school for his upcoming film, "Okaeri, Hayabusa".

Fujiwara gave advice to 132 students, who will soon be graduating from junior high school. He said, "Love a lot and meet many people. I will be delighted if everyone’s powers will bring energy to Japan."

He continued, "In life, you don’t know where your chances may be. For me, what changed my life was encountering people. I understand there will be difficult times from here on, but I want everyone to not give up, and take the next step."

Fujiwara also shared that it’s been a long time since he last visited a school. "There’s a strong sense of nostalgia, so I’m excited," he said and joked, "I didn’t realize school was this cold." Fujiwara then reflected on the days when he was 15-years-old, "During that time, I only played soccer, so I only went to school to eat school lunch."

"Okaeri, Hayabusa" is an adventure story about an unmanned spacecraft named ‘Hayabusa’, which miraculously returned to Earth after being away for 7 years. Fujiwara introduced the film saying, "If it weren’t for this film, I wouldn’t have known the hardships of the people of JAXA. Although they were close to despair, they were instantaneously able to catch their small piece of hope when they saw the miraculous return. I want everyone to experience this miraculous story in 3D."

Image and News Source: TokyoHive.com, Oricon.co.jp. Video from Horipro Official Channel.


It seems Tatsuya is feeling old - but he still gives some good advice (^_^)
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Upcoming TV Appearences

Tatsuya is going to be on a few Japanese TV programes soon:

Shimotani Kazutoshi Town Story

Television Program
Tatsuya is going to be on this programme this Sunday 25th March (8pm-9.55pm Japan time).
» More information on the website

Shimotani Kazutoshi Town Story
Stage Production
WOWOW TV are going to be showing this stage production performance on 7th April 2012 (at 9pm Japan time).
» More information on the website

Television Program
Tatsuya is going to be on this programme on the 8th April (12 Midnight, Japan time).
» More information on the website

If anyone in Japan can record these programs for us, we'd be very greatful!
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New gallery NOW ONLINE!

I have just finished making the new gallery section online! To celebrate this, and the fact I recently (cough, a few months ago, cough) converted the Media section over too - I have also jazzed up the site in general (you'll probably notice it's a little more colourful that it used to be).

The new format means you can once again scan through the many thumbnails within the albums and save individual files if you'd like. I will start to offer (once I've scanned some of the backlog) downloadable .zip files of the whole albums perhaps for the forum/livejournal users if you'd like me to?

It also means that the albums are (hopefully) easier to find - as they are now all sorted by title alphabetically! From my POV it makes things 100 times faster to update so hopefully I will be adding pretty and new pictures more frequently from now on.

Many many thanks to my sister Cate (of Merong.co.uk) for helping me with the php code!! She requests virtual shiney things as offerings of your thanks~
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I'm Flash

vermeil has already posted this news (thank you!) so I'm just here to say there have been two new images released for the upcoming movie 'I'm Flash' starring Tatsuya & Ryuhei Matsuda:

I'm currently working on the RDTF gallery so please bear with me - I have alot of new images coming soon!

Also, in other small news (that I haven't managed to translate properly yet) Tatsuya will be appearing on a program called 'KatsuAra' ( http://www.wowow.co.jp/extra/katsuara/ ) on the 8th April on Wowow - if anyone can record it for us (or even tell me what it is!) I'd be greatful.

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Huge Kaiji 2 Poster for Sale

Kaiji 2 (The Ultimate Gambler) Poster [Poster is stored rolled-up]

- Am accepting price offers, please comment below if interested.
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The remaining poster is in Singapore, so you will have to be able to wait (if you want me to return to Singapore, in QUITE a few months, and post if off to you) or be able to come collect it from my non-literate mum at home.

I have 2 1 more! 1's going to maroon_ed, so feel free to offer for the other one too!
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Selling Magazine and Photobook

Hello people and fans of Tatsuya :)
I'm selling off a magazine and photobook because my interest in Tatsuya is slowly going away and I'd like to make other fans happy with them :) So here they are~

Screen plus vol.16 with a Chameleon movie clear file~

Aaaaaaand~ Tatsuya's No Control photobook :3

Both magazine and book are in like new condition, because I only looked at them once and then put them in my shelf .___.
So please suggest me a good price for them ><

I ship worldwide & payment by paypal only please