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Mizuhara Kiko, Fujiwara Tatsuya 『I’M FLASH!』 mysterious heroine

Actress and model Mizuhara Kiko, who's spectacular screen debut was in 'Norwegian Wood', is going to appear in 'I'm Flash!' directed by Toshiaki Toyoda. Cast in the role of the mysterious beauty. It proves to be a challenging role; become the heroine after being in a traffic accident and put in a vegetative state.

The film stars Tatsuya and Ryuhei Matsuda, and the the work of unique director Toshiaki Toyoda, who is known to create movies that depict the human nature ('Blue Spring', '9 Souls') and has been in the planning stages for 5 years.

Kiko gave a glimpse of the how it was working with lead actor Fujiwara, "He is a gentleman", "I was nervous, but as a partner he was excellent". On the other hand, Tatsuya reveals his first impression of Mizuhara-san, "She is an unusually pure and straight-forward actress, I am happy to be working with her".

Translated (badly) by Pan. Source article:
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