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Did that get your attention? Good... (^_^;)

I am hoping to assemble a team of translators for RDTF in order to regularly subtitle videos and media relating to Tatsuya and his projects. It's become quite apparent to me that 1) my Japanese isn't nearly good enough to take on subtitling projects all on my own, and, 2) as much as I'd like to, I just don't have the time to be spending every waking moment on RDTF... (_ _)

The sort of projects I'm thinking of will be things like:
- Interviews with Tatsuya
- Trailers / Commercials
- Behind the Scenes / Production Events

With a view to perhaps organising drama sub projects also (ones that haven't already been subtitled or released on DVD that is...).


If you can translate Japanese to English (orally or in writing - or both!) and would like to volunteer a little of your time every now and then, please email me at: pan@phkp.co.uk or get in touch via the contact page and let me know!

Thank you all so much for spending the time to read this!
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Tatsuya & Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

A while ago I posted a video I found of Tatsuya fanboying at a Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi concert.

It appears that Tatsuya, in 2012, was invited to narrate a documentary about his favourite musician (at least that's what I understand from my very rough translations!).

The video is here:

Fanboy Tatsuya is so adorable~!

If anyone can translate this - please comment below!

Source: 航太 岩本 @ Youtube
Tatsuya - Rehearsing

Tatsuya's first collaboration with Gekidan Shinkansen (劇団☆新感線) , Nagasaku Hiromi co-stars

Tatsuya's newest stage production 'Shiren & Ragi' is the first time he has worked with the popular Kabuki-style Gekidan Shinkansen (劇団☆新感線) theatre troupe. Director Hidenori Inoue and playwright Kazuki Nakashima create spectacular romantic dramas with highly individualistic characters taken from history and legend that have captured the hearts and imaginations of young people as a popular new form of entertainment.

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Interview from WalkerPlus.com (image also). Description of Gekidan Shinkansen from PerformingArts.jp.

Official site: http://www.shiren-to-ragi.com/
Tatsuya - News

Mizuhara Kiko, Fujiwara Tatsuya 『I’M FLASH!』 mysterious heroine

Actress and model Mizuhara Kiko, who's spectacular screen debut was in 'Norwegian Wood', is going to appear in 'I'm Flash!' directed by Toshiaki Toyoda. Cast in the role of the mysterious beauty. It proves to be a challenging role; become the heroine after being in a traffic accident and put in a vegetative state.

The film stars Tatsuya and Ryuhei Matsuda, and the the work of unique director Toshiaki Toyoda, who is known to create movies that depict the human nature ('Blue Spring', '9 Souls') and has been in the planning stages for 5 years.

Kiko gave a glimpse of the how it was working with lead actor Fujiwara, "He is a gentleman", "I was nervous, but as a partner he was excellent". On the other hand, Tatsuya reveals his first impression of Mizuhara-san, "She is an unusually pure and straight-forward actress, I am happy to be working with her".

Translated (badly) by Pan. Source article: CinemaToday.jp